Numbers May Not Lie, But They Don’t Always Tell The Truth

As I start this post, it's 7:36am on a Sunday morning. As I sip my coffee, the steam from the cup fogs over my glasses, like mist settling on a glass shower door. From my kitchen window, I watch the flamingo pinks and runny egg yolk yellows of the sunrise gently peeking over my neighbor's … Continue reading Numbers May Not Lie, But They Don’t Always Tell The Truth


Quick Update

Its been a long time since I last wrote here...lot's of things have been going on on the work front, kids starting back to school, working through personal stuff with Nate. While I enjoy writing -- writers always write, right? -- My motivation has been lacking as of late. It's not for lack of topics … Continue reading Quick Update

Earn It

and you're so much like me I'm sorry The above lyrics come from Ben Folds' song, "Still Fighting It", a track off of his 2010 solo album┬áRockin' The Suburbs. At the time, I loved the song for the musical aspects of it: The understated piano opening, the quiet verses contrasting against the loud toe-tapping chorus, … Continue reading Earn It

About a Boy

My son turns nine today. Originally, I wanted to write a post that gave a snapshot of him now: His favorite activities, foods, interests, dreams, friends, etc. However, while cleaning up our bedroom yesterday, I came across a journal I started approximately ten years ago. The journal is filled with entries from my perspective as … Continue reading About a Boy