In The Trough

It's Black Friday. While millions invade the malls and shopping centers looking for the best deal on the perfect TV that would, "look fantastic in the living room," I'm sitting at my kitchen table, in sweatpants, drinking black coffee. For my ten or so readers, I hope you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving with family … Continue reading In The Trough



I can't think of any topic to write about, so I'm going steam of consciousness for this one... I'm sitting at the kitchen table. Again. The house is quiet save for the dogs' feet clattering on the brown wooden floors, nails clicking and clacking like fingers on typewriter. I am tired: A long day filled with an … Continue reading 7:08pm

Earn It

and you're so much like me I'm sorry The above lyrics come from Ben Folds' song, "Still Fighting It", a track off of his 2010 solo album Rockin' The Suburbs. At the time, I loved the song for the musical aspects of it: The understated piano opening, the quiet verses contrasting against the loud toe-tapping chorus, … Continue reading Earn It