Unless you live in California or Florida, you'd probably in the midst of the February doldrums right now: My face hurts when I step outside, gray is the dominant color, and while the official first day of spring is "only" 37 days away, that might as well be an eternity from now. Anyway, I digress. … Continue reading Good.



Thursday, 1/4/18: Sometime after 9pm. I'm standing out on the back deck in shorts and a t-shirt. It's clear, save for a few wispy clouds. They hover like apparitions around the pallid moon above. I've only been outside for a free minutes, but start to shiver. I place my left hand on the gnarled deck … Continue reading Tracks


I can't think of any topic to write about, so I'm going steam of consciousness for this one... I'm sitting at the kitchen table. Again. The house is quiet save for the dogs' feet clattering on the brown wooden floors, nails clicking and clacking like fingers on typewriter. I am tired: A long day filled with an … Continue reading 7:08pm