“Adventure is out there!” – Ellie Fredericksen (Pixar’s Up)

Most of us know the delight of diving into a good book. Suspense, romance, horror, the genre doesn’t matter. Rather, the words keep us thumbing through page after page. We know full well we should have gone to bed 45 minutes ago, but we just have to know how the story plays out.

Our lives have much in common with the stories we so treasure. Comprised of characters, over-arching narratives, sub-plots, twists, and turns, a lifetime’s worth of material to cover. For me, the purpose of this blog is simple;  to chronicle the everyday, mundane, the highs, and the lows.  To journal this grand adventure and not just know how the story unfolded, but to seek to understand and know why it ended up the way it did.

Thanks for reading!



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