Getting By

It’s been almost two weeks since I last wrote. I’m currently sitting at my kitchen table attempting to organize my thoughts while my youngest watches Peppa Pig on my phone. Looking out the sliding glass window, the sky is clear and a brilliant blue. Looks are deceiving though; its -6 degrees right now.

Its about this time each year that I tend to get reflective and take account of how the past year went. I plan on sharing those thoughts in a post, albeit a future one when I actually figure out what I want to say. Truthfully, I feel like I’ve been slightly adrift lately, just going through the motions of life and feeling, I don’t know, blah? Maybe its the colder weather, but my motivation to write, workout, read, etc. seems to be lacking. When we’re not running errands, grocery shopping, packing lunches for school, or doing general activities that fall under “adulting,” I find myself zoning out mindlessly surfing Facebook or watching YouTube videos. Its pathetic, but it takes less work than running a mile, I suppose.

13 days of 2016 remain. The new year and its promises of a clean slate are right around the corner. a new theme will be written and a chance to start anew will available. Until then, 13 days remain. Let’s make them good ones.



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